This month we’re kicking off a new season on the podcast.

For the next six weeks we’re going to explore racial reconciliation and peacemaking- specifically- what are the things our brothers and sisters of color want their Dear White Peacemaking friends to know?

No topic or concern is off limits!

The format: Each week we’re reading a letter written by a black peacemaker to their white peacemaking friends. Then my friend and former podcast co-host Cara Meredith and I will discuss how we can be better peacemakers for racial reconciliation based on the letter.

1: Dear White Peacemakers: Are You Listening

Topic: “Learning to Listen” with Cara Meredith

2: Dear White Peacemakers: From Ally to Accomplice, Till Death Do Us Part

Guest: T.C. Moore

Topic: Racism and ally-ship in interracial marriages/families

3: Dear White Peacemakers: Affection is Not Reconciliation

Guest/ Post:  Hannah Drake, “Dear White People Being an Ally is More than inviting a Black Person to Brunch”

Topic: “I’m not racist… I have a black friends, family members, co-workers” AKA  Senator Meadow’s Big mistake

4: Dear White Peacemakers: We Need A Break

Guest/ Post: Andre Henry, “To All The White Friends I Couldn’t Keep”

Topic: Calling out our white ally friends/ being called out

5:  Dear White Peacemakers: We’re Missing Some Limbs

Guest/ Post: Marcie from Black Coffee with White Friends, “Dear Friends We’re Missing Some Limbs”

Topic: Black theologians that you should be reading…. and why.

6: Dear White Peacemakers: Don’t Sugar Coat Racism for Your Kids

Guest/Post: TBC

Topic: Racism and Parenting

Talk soon, Sistas!

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