We are a sisterhood of everyday peacemakers living wholeheartedly in a brokenhearted world.

We believe that shalom is not an ancient word or a too heady of an idea. No, Shalom is the breadth, depth, climate, and smell of the kingdom God. It’s  God’s dream for the world and everything in it so we will live that dream right here, right now.

With eyes that have seen the beauty of the Kingdom of God, we translate its shalom in our lives in small, but important ways.  The laundry done for a single mom. The listening ear to a hurting child. The benefit of the doubt for an angry friend. These everyday practices of peace are brilliant flickers of light that drive away the darkness. We know that peacemaking happens in the ordinary.

We reject the notion that peacemakers are only quiet and passive, meek and mild. Actually…some of us are quite sassy and some of us are spicy. And while we love Jesus, some us snark a little.

We believe in dance parties when we’re afraid, choosing belovedness over of perfection, and power-posing when we feel inadequate.

When we look in the mirror we see beauty—our skin, our size, our style are God-kissed and delightful.

We are creative allies, nurturing comforters, and safe harbors for the weary in our communities.

When we are in pain, we resist despair by singing a song of hope;  joy is our subversive weapon for peacemaking.

We promise to never view people as our enemies. When we’ve been hurt, we look past the pain in order to see the person, in order to restore their humanity, in order to tell better stories about about them— redemptive stories, nuanced stories, empathetic stories.

Story will change the world.

We show up for those on the margins, we speak up for the oppressed, we create spaces of stillness for those whose lives are in chaos. We reject violence in both word and deed because we are peacemakers, not peacekeepers. We will serve with humility and humor. We will protect unity, defend diversity, building bridges, and tear down walls.

Grace and kindness are our superpowers

We do all this because we belong to each other.

This is what Jesus meant when he said “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.”: We are family and shalom is written into our spiritual inheritance. In remembering this sisterhood, we will begin to see God’s radical peace invade our every ordinary corner of our lives, every single day.  We are kingdom women, who tell a counter-story that the world can be made whole and love can overflow; nothing missing, nothing broken, everything flourishing. We are anthropologists of kindness and ambassadors of goodness.

We are Shalom Sistas.